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12x20 Office w/Porch
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This building is 20 feet long, 4 of which is porch area.  That makes the enclosed portion 12x16 feet.  The inside is framed such that you can insulate and panel it.  It has 2 insulated windows and the 9-Lite door for its base configuration.  You can order it here.

It is ideal for many different purposes.  This building pictured here was ordered to be a small hunting cabin for a group of men who hunt pheasants.

Started construction on 9 May 17.
Completed construction on 18 May 17.
Delivered to Lamar, Colorado on 21 May 17.
Had 7 inches of rainfall during construction period!  If we'd had nice days, the building would have taken 4 days to build.

If you right-click on any of the below images, you can open it into a new window to view full-size and with great detail.

Runners and floor joists.  Our large building runners are built from a pair of treated 2x6's for a size of 4x6.  These will resist warping and twisting better than a solid beam.
Runners and floor joists

Completed floor system.  2x4 frame 16" OC.  Floor has been perfectly leveled. This is the result of one day of work.
Floor system completed and leveled

Walls standing now.  Note the door and window framing.  Cut rafters for later. Another day of work.
Walls standing

Cedar porch posts. Top plates all around.  Rafters up.  Walls and rafters are 2x4's, 24" OC. 
Rafters up

One wall sided.
One wall sided

Another view.
Another view

Porch wall sided.
Porch wall sided

Another view.
Another view.

Back and last side partly sided.  Notice the impending deluge.
Back wall and part of the 4th wall sided

Door in and siding on last wall and around the front of the roof edge.  Also note the porch decking.
Door in and last bit of siding on side wall

Roof done and windows installed.  Just a little bit more and done.
Roof done and windows installed

Building finished.  All the trim installed and ceiling over porch is in.
Building finished

Another angle.
Another view of completed building

Roof tarped and building ready for trailer loading. Raining again!
Tarp on roof and waiting for trailer loading

Trailer lined up, cable attached.
Trailer lined up

Pulling it on.
Pulling it on

Building on trailer.
Building on trailer

Ready for delivery:
Ready for delivery

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