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12x24 Garage w/Metal Roof
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This building is 12 feet wide by 24 feet long. The inside is framed such that you can insulate and panel it.  It was ordered with a metal roof, 2x6 Treated Floor upgrade and no walk-in door.  You can order it here.

This building pictured here was ordered to use for vehicle storage.

Started construction on 13 June 17.
Completed construction on 19 June 17.
Delivered to LaCygne, Kansas on 20 June 17.

If you right-click on any of the below images, you can open it into a new window to view full-size and with great detail.

Runners laid. 

Leveled the runners first (full 2x6 treated floor frame is HEAVY).  Assembling the joists, adding crossmembers and affixing hurricane strips as we go.
Floor assembly.

Floor is sheeted with 3/4" plywood, standard on our garages.
Floor sheeted.

One side wall up.
One side wall up.

All the walls standing, ridge beam up.
All walls standing and ridge beam up.

Rafters and upper-end framing installed.
Rafters and upper-end framing installed.

Some siding installed.
More siding installed.

Got so busy we forgot to take more pics of the progress!  Here we have the building done and are loading it.
Building done and loading.

Quick stop on the road with it.  It was a long trip.
Building en-route.

Building unloaded in LaCygne.

Another view.
Another view.

And one with the door closed.
Garage with door closed.

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