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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  Can I make any changes to the building I want to order?
A:   Yes!  Our buildings are fully customizable and you can add or remove doors, windows, skylights and lofts! If you want to add a window or a door, be sure to add them to your shopping cart before you check out. You can find these in the Add-Ons category to the left. Once you have placed your order, one of our Sales Representatives will call you to ask about the placement of any doors and windows you have ordered.  Many of our products are the result of a customer who requested something different. If you want something other than what we offer, give us a call to talk about it.

Q:  Do these buildings come painted?  
A:  We only paint the Playhouses as they are typically purchased as a gift for children.  The siding we use for our buildings is primed a tan color and can withstand some weathering as is.  However, to ensure you experience many years of your new building, we recommend you paint it.

Q:  Do we build structures on-site or do we deliver?  
A:  We do not build on-site.  Our buildings are manufactured at Norcatur, Kansas.  We can deliver them or you may come get them yourself.

Q:  How much is the delivery?  
A:  Delivery cost is per-mile based. We use Google Maps to calculate the distance, and do not travel Interstate Freeways. You can use the Shipping Estimator in the shopping cart to learn what your delivery will cost. We deliver up to 450 miles away.

Q:  How do I have to prepare the ground for my building?
A:  Chiefly, a level area for the building is all that is really necessary.  Our buildings have treated lumber for runners, and are suitable for direct ground contact.  However, most people do one of several things to add a degree of separation from the ground.  Some people put down a layer of gravel for the building to sit on.  Some place 3 inch thick patio paver blocks in two rows for the runners to sit on.  Spacing for the blocks can be from 2 to 4 feet.  Some have poured 1 foot wide concrete footings for each of the runners.  Others have poured concrete slabs for under their buildings.

Q:  How wide are the runners?  I want to prepare the rows of blocks for them.
A:  The runners under the buildings are exactly 7 feet 11 inches from the outside to outside of them.  They must be this far apart for the rails on our delivery trailers to "cup" the runners.


Q:  Do we level the building?
A:  Yes, if you provide blocks to do so. You will need to prepare your site by leveling it as best as possible. As we unload the building, we will place your blocks under the runners. You will need to provide any small wood blocking for shim material. Please note that your building will need to be leveled before doors will open and close properly.

Q:  If we order a building, how long is it before it gets delivered?
A:  This depends on how many buildings are on order at any particular time.  Typically, small sheds can be built and delivered within 3-5 weeks.  Large shed delivery times are dependent upon the currently queued orders listed in the Production Schedule.  Many factors influence these lead times, so these estimates do vary. You may look at our current production schedule on this website to get an idea as to how soon your building will arrive.

Q:  My local government requires I get a permit, and they say I have to submit a blueprint drawing for the building. Can I get one?
A:  Yes. We can provide you with the necessary drawings in a format that you can print and submit. We can also make modifications to our designs if your permitting department has certain code requirements.

Q:  Do we deliver on the weekend?
A:  Yes. We can schedule a delivery for Saturday or Sunday.

Q:  Do you have a gallery of sheds you've built?
A:  Look at the bottom of our Production Schedule to see our recent deliveries. You can also see some examples of our construction on our How We Build Em page.

Q:  What methods of payment do we accept?
A:   You may use a credit card through our secure payment processor during the order process, or you can mail us a check or money order. If you have a balance due on delivery, you may use a credit card, cash, check or money order to pay our delivery driver.

Q:  I can't afford to pay for the building all at once. Do you accept payments?
A:  We require a minimum of 60% of the order total as a deposit for you to order a building. If you wish to make smaller payments, you may do so, and once we have that minimum amount, we will add your building to our production schedule. The balance of your order would be due when we deliver your building.

Q:  I have a building on order with Kansas Shed Builder and I would like to cancel it. How do I do that?
A:  Give us a call or send us an email to request the order cancellation. We will provide a refund of the Total Cost minus a 10% cancellation fee. If you ordered more than one building and wish to cancel part of the order, the fee applies to the part that is cancelled. We will mail you a check for the refund amount within 14 days of receiving your order cancellation.
Last Updated 12-04-2020

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