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Production Schedule

Currently we have the following buildings awaiting or under construction in order from first to last for each production line:

Northern Pad:

  • <1/4> 12x16' Barn Shed - Under Construction (Kansas City, MO)
  • <0/6> 12x24' Barn Shed w/Loft - Awaiting Construction (Manzanola, CO)
  • <0/3> 10x16' Barn Shed - Awaiting Construction (Phillipsburg, KS)
  • <0/6> 12x24' Barn Shed - Awaiting Construction (Littleton, CO)
  • <0/7> 12x24' Premier Cabin - Awaiting Construction (LaJunta, CO)
  • <0/5> 12x20' Garage - Awaiting Construction (Peyton, CO)

Southern Pad:

  • <3/5> 12x24' Garage - Under Construction (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • <0/4> 12x20' Gable Shed - Awaiting Construction (Simla, CO)
  • <0/4> 12x20' Gable Shed - Awaiting Construction (Table Rock, NE)
  • <0/5> 12x24' Barn Shed - Awaiting Construction (Bruning, NE)
  • <0/5> 12x24' Garage - Awaiting Construction (Haigler, NE)
  • <0/5> 12x16' Barn Shed - Awaiting Construction (Pueblo, CO)

The numbers within brackets proceeding each building is the number of days completed and the number expected to build and prepare it for delivery. Inclement weather, personnel issues and material shortages can extend our schedule, so this is not a hard and fast prediction as to how soon a certain building will be completed.

If you place an order with us, your building will be added to this list once we have received payment, and you can follow our progress as we update the list. If you are counting the days until we arrive with your new building, please note that we only build during weekdays.

Last Updated 07-19-2019

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12x20' Gable Shed
12x20' Gable Shed
$3,158.72  $3,095.55
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8x14' Office w/Porch
8x14' Office w/Porch
$2,382.97  $2,335.31
Save: 2% off
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